Sketchbook Saturday – 15/07/25

sketchcardHello everypeoples, or at least everyone who is at home on Saturday night, like me. For those of you who are here rather than out doing things you may regret in the morning, allow me to attempt to be interesting.

It is no secret that if you want to do good pieces of art, you have to do ten times as many bad pieces of art, and about the same amount of mediocre ones. To that end, sketchbooks are the training ground of any artist, the equivalent of a bodybuilder having a private gym room in his house. Over the past seven years or so, since I started to take my art seriously, I’ve accumulated a pile of sketchbooks that nearly reaches my knees, and that’s not even counting all the loose pages that flitted about in between or got thrown out long ago. So I figured, why let all that artwork go to waste?

To that end, I’ll be posting a few of my favourite sketches from the past every Saturday, the ones that were either artworks that never got completed, or old ideas that I developed/ignored/completely forgot. I won’t be uploading everything (most are just random doodles), and I won’t be going too far back (anything before 2010 I wouldn’t dare show anyone), but I hope what I do show will be of interest.

With that in mind, here’s the first three:

Sketchbook 001
Sketchbook 001
Sketchbook 002
Sketchbook 002
Sketchbook 003
Sketchbook 003

I’ll get a gallery up for these by next week, but that’s all for tonight.

Ciao for now.

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