Bottom of the Deck – 15/08/04

botdcardEvening everypeoples. Thanks to the grace of our almighty electricity provider, I am finally able to bring you my bloggery for this Tuesday.

I will say one thing for load shedding: it’s a great incentive for me to write. When the power is out and I’m navigating my room with a head-mounted lamp, there’s very little one can do on the creative side. Since I don’t want to strain my eyes trying to sketch and anything digital is out of the question, I turn to my writing notebook. I find it a lot easier to write out my story drafts by hand first anyway, it feels a lot more free and intuitive, especially with fewer distractions around.

In other creative news, the rigging of 3D models continues at college. While it’s easy to follow step-by-step instructions, since everyone is working with a different character model, the guidelines often don’t match up exactly with what we hope to accomplish, and that’s where the frustration sets in. I was halfway through making arm controls when I realized that the handles I was hooking up were twisting the joints out of place. A whole morning’s work down the drain, but fortunately it goes quicker the second time, especially when I speed-read.

On the geekier side of things, I watched Ant-Man over the weekend. I had no clue going in how it would turn out (though my hopes were probably higher than most), and it was so much funnier, so much wittier, and generally more entertaining than I thought. After the frantic, explosive, character-overloaded experience that was Age of Ultron, it was good to have a Marvel film that leaned on the casual side and was able to poke fun at itself without losing dramatic effect. The effects were amazing, and there were references to the comic mythology everywhere; I chuckled as I picked out every single one, knowing that half the audience wouldn’t get them. That might sound a little sad to some people, but I’ll admit it was very satisfying, call me selfish. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, Ant-Man is well worth the watch, even if you are in the 90% of people who don’t have a clue who he is.

I’ve also started watching Grimm (yeah yeah, late to the game as always when it comes to TV), and am currently powering through the second season, I’m totally hooked. Going to have to try and distract myself with Black Sails after I run out of episodes.

That’s all for this week, if you did happen to read this, please tell other people that I’m interesting. It may not be true, but at least my traffic figures might spike a little, which is nice.

Ciao for now.

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