Webcomic of the Week – PENNY BLACKFEATHER

wotwcardGood evening, everypeoples. It is Wednesday and therefore time for me to espouse my views on a newly discovered webcomic.

This one is another chance find that I made during my vacation, and it goes by the title of Penny Blackfeather. Written and drawn by Francesca Dare, who describes it as a “regency-punk adventure”, this comic follows the story of Penelope Blake, a young noblewoman living in 1812 England. While her mother and older sisters are obsessed with increasing their social standing and enjoying the finer (read: frillier) things in life, Penny longs for the sort of adventures her late grandfather Nathaniel Blackfeather would go on. This is exacerbated by the fact that Nathaniel, once a famed pirate and sorcerer, is still around as a ghost and Penny is the only person who can hear him that he knows of. Penny’s wish is finally granted when she sneaks away from a ball to search a haunted library, and through a series of mishaps meets a fellow adventurer and his bright blue parrot, and a world she could only dream of opens before her.

With a tonal, stylized art style with occasional colour for dramatic effect, Penny Blackfeather derives much of it’s humour from character expressions and interactions. Running gags like Penny’s terrible sense of direction and the Adventurer’s name never being revealed crop up constantly, and the fact that all of the characters are incredibly stubborn means everyone is always butting heads; Penny demands to be taken on adventures, Nathaniel insists on talking to anyone who will listen (when he can’t find anyone to hear him, he’ll settle for narrating to the reader), and the Adventurer steadfastly refuses to believe that magic exists, even when it’s happening two inches from his face. Behind all the humour is a compelling mystery adventure involving monsters from another dimension, the secret behind Princess the parrot, and a mysterious man named Rook whom Nathaniel is sure he used to know…

Having started in 2012 and updating only on Sundays, this webcomic’s archive is not overly-extensive, and is easily binged in a day. This isn’t a bad thing though, because you’ll want to keep reading until you run out of pages, which just makes waiting a whole week for another page a foot-tappingly impatient affair.

That’s all for this week, go check out Penny Blackfeather, show the creator some love, and if you know of any webcomics I should binge for future posts, let me know in the comments.

Ciao for now.

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