Sketchbook Saturday – 15/08/08

sketchcardGood Saturday evening everypeoples, the weekend is in full swing, and it’s time to add more doodles to the gallery.

Going with something slightly different this time; rather than uploading old sketches, these ones are stuff I’ve been doodling over this past week. We’ve been doing storyboard work in class and a lot of emphasis is being put on gesture poses for dramatic effect, so I wanted to keep in practice to keep my momentum going.

So here I present to you Adventures in Gesture, with Kaine Parker the Scarlet Spider! (Because he’s basically the same as Spider-Man, but with a much simpler costume, so it goes quicker.)

These sketches will also be in the gallery on the portfolio tab, along with all the previous sketchbook entries. Have a good weekend everybody!

Ciao for now.

Sketchbook 007
Sketchbook 007
Sketchbook 008
Sketchbook 008
Sketchbook 009
Sketchbook 009

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