Webcomic of the Week – KIWI BLITZ

wotwcardHey everypeoples, it is the middle of the week and time for a new webcomic. I’ll confess, I’m going to cheat a little with this one because I didn’t have time to binge through anything this weekend, so I’m going with one of the webcomics I’ve been reading for a while. No judging, this one has an extensive archive, plus I’ll be throwing in a few extra recommendations at the end.

With that out of the way, this week’s webcomic is Kiwi Blitz, by Mary “Cube Watermelon” Cagle. Set in a futuristic sci-fi version of New York City, the story follows Steffi Frohlich, a 14-year-old girl with a passion for battling giant robots and far too much time on her hands. While initially satisfied with dueling other mechs in the arena, Steffi takes her piloting skills to the next level when she receives her birthday present: Kiwibot, which is exactly what it sounds like i.e. a giant mechanical kiwi bird. Fed up with being confined to the junior Robot League, Steffi adopts the moniker of “Blitz” and takes her new mecha out onto the streets to fight crime as a superheroine. To aid in her daring-do is Ben (short for Benzene) who is totally not her boyfriend (surreptitious wink) and the cute yet incredibly creepy robot girl 42 (yes, that’s the only name she has). Along the way, Steffi encounters a variety of foes such as master burglar The Raccoon, the psychotic cyborg girl Gear, and a shady group called Alter who have their own conspiracy within the police force…

Kiwi Blitz is another comic where I have to gush a little about the artwork. It’s heavily inspired by anime and manga style, but is drawn with a cutesy charm and vibrant colours that make it truly unique. Even the most badass of characters have an almost huggable look about them, which provides a sharp contrast to many of the things they are capable of (watch out for flying limbs, yikes…). It also manages to be incredibly detailed without overwhelming the eye, something I’ve always had trouble with and envy. Add to this the range of stylized facial expressions taken right out of a Saturday morning anime and it’s practically begging to be an animated series, which I would watch religiously, by the way. Art aside, the characters are fun and have great chemistry; Steffi is headstrong and reckless, taking to the role of a superhero with gusto, even though she doesn’t really think the whole process through. Once Ben gets wise to her activities as Blitz, he helps to be her voice of reason and mission control, and their friendship grows stronger for it.

Kiwi Blitz has just recently started its 20th chapter and has been running for more than 400 pages, so take a day out of your busy schedule and dive in. And while you’re at it, Mary Cagle has two other webcomics running as well: Let’s Speak English, an autobiographical Yonkoma strip about her life as an English teacher in Japan, and Sleepless Domain, a recent collaboration with artist Oskar Vega starring a team of Magical Girls!

That’s all for this week, go check out Kiwi Blitz and the Cube Watermelon’s other projects, she’s a fantastic writer and all-round nice person so show her some love, and don’t forget to leave suggestions for future comic recommendations in the comments.

Ciao for now.

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