Bottom of the Deck – 15/09/01

botdcardHey everypeoples, on the off chance that anyone’s seeing this at all. It has been quite a progressive week, so allow me to ramble.

First off, I am finally caught up on my college work to a point where it no longer feels like the pressure is on. My storyboarding assignment is out the way, the sundry extras needed for my Maya scenes are prepped, and everything feels ready to move forward. We just started environment lighting, and it’s fairly intuitive, even speaking as someone who is hopeless when it comes to drawing that sort of thing. It does promote a massive headache though, being a potential light show that I have to keep under control, and it isn’t helped by sugar withdrawal. Blame the mountain of chocolate my housemate brought back from Australia; I finished my share fairly quickly so that I could work it off faster, don’t judge me…

In other news, anyone involved in South African animation will no doubt have heard of the Triggerfish Story Lab, which in collaboration with the potential Disney Africa, was accepting submissions for animated film and series pitches for the past few months. The submission cut off was yesterday, but I managed to slip in something of my own on Saturday, a concept document for a sci-fi adventure series. It’s based off an idea I’ve had kicking around for years and was planning to take seriously this year; I figured I could apply my newly acquired Maya skills to make a 3D web series for portfolio purposes. Then I actually started learning Maya and realized just how much work goes into making a single character and figured I’d have to wait a little longer to get it out there. Now, if my project gets picked, I can let other people worry about doing that. I was initially very reluctant to submit anything, because it means possibly signing over all the rights if the series goes to production, and I’m very miserly when my work is at stake. But then I decided that the worst case scenario is that they reject it and I still have the concept to move forward with, so what the hell. The shortlist is going to be announced early October, wish me luck!

Entertainment-wise, I’ve really been enjoying Markiplier’s playthrough of Until Dawn. That game is seriously creepy for a narrative-based adventure game loosely strung together with quick-time events, but Mark’s commentary and reactions make it that much more fun to watch. Additionally, after being stuck at the end of season 4 for over a year, I’ve picked up watching Castle again after acquiring the next few seasons; I’ve missed watching something that entertaining. Seriously, I’ve been repeatedly watching Daredevil over and over because nothing else has been able to hold my interest; Marvel needs to hurry up with Jessica Jones already…

That’s my schpiel for this week, back to the webcomics so that I have something to talk about tomorrow.

Ciao for now.

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