Bottom of the Deck – 15/12/01

botdcardEvening everypeoples, bit of a late upload tonight, my evening has been rather busy.

Not that my day wasn’t busy too; it’s the last week of college, so now comes the time for us to neaten up everything and make it presentable to be handed in. This has a bit more significance for me, because it will finally be (I hope) the last time I will ever have to attend college. I’ve already graduated from two separate institutes, and this past year has been an additional learning course to supplement my Higher Diploma, and I think it’s about time I called it and got out into the world proper. Though I don’t have much choice in the matter, I doubt another year of education would be financially viable, and I seriously need a job I can apply my skills to…

In the meantime, I’ve been applying skills in other areas. I got my first ever taste of playing Dungeons and Dragons last week thanks to a chance encounter with a DM at a Magic: The Gathering tournament. He was nice enough to give myself and a friend a quick demonstration game, and now we’ve both been raring to play again. The trouble is convincing other people to join in without them looking at you like you’re mad; I’m hopeful though, and with a potential group forming I’ve been drawing up character sheets all evening to make the experience streamlined. This will also be relying on me being a decent Dungeon Master and keeping the players entertained; I only pray that I’ve watched Critical Role enough times to absorb some of Matthew Mercer’s uncanny DM skills. I have literally been losing sleep thinking about how I’m going to run this adventure, and I didn’t even write it; it’s a pre-built adventure that I can follow on a computer screen, it can’t be that hard, right? Right…?

Anyway, I’m going to bed now, I think I’ve looked at enough stat charts and character biographies to knock me right out. Unless I spend the entire night mulling them over in my head and attempt to anticipate everything that might happen oh dear god not again…

Ciao for now.

2 thoughts on “Bottom of the Deck – 15/12/01

  1. Being a DM is tons of fun. Dungeons and Dragons is a Cousin with Pathfinder, I would recommend you check out the pre-built module called Rise of the Runelords. It will run a group of players from 1st level all the way through 20th level. It is tons of fun and all of my players had a great time with it. Also if you are ever looking for inspiration I would suggest reading other people’s stories about sessions/campaigns they have run. I follow about 5 of them on wordpress, plus when mine starts in January I will post on my blog.
    Good Luck, I for one am very willing to help people learn the game so feel free to ask anything.


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