New Year, New Schedule

Hey everypeoples, I am back for 2016! Hope everyone had a great holiday season (if it’s still going for you, know that you are the envy of every freelancer in the world), and that the new year brings only the best.

Now, time for me to start working on my resolutions. The sweltering heat aside, I am motivated to get plenty of things done this year. I know we all are in the first few weeks, but getting into good habits is a way of keeping such things rolling. Primary motivation: more art on the art blog. To this end, I’ll be posting sketches here daily; these will primarily be warm ups for the day, because each of them is going to be followed up by a daily comic page. The pages will be visible on my Patreon account once I have it set up again, which will be as soon as I have a few things to show. Elements of Eve will continue to be freely readable on its site as usual.

So, first round of daily sketches are here (throwing up 3 today to make up for the first couple of days which I was using to settle back in). These will also be visible with descriptions on the sketchbook tab.

Onward and upward, everybody!

Ciao for now.

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