Bottom of the Deck – 15/08/18

botdcardHey everypeoples, Tuesday again, so allow me to start rambling.

You may have noticed there was no Elements of Eve update yesterday (assuming you read both my comic and my blog), due to me being utterly destroyed by the weekend. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, the craziest thing I did was play a really intense game of Magic: The Gathering; I even almost won, so that was a good feeling. But I had a hard time sleeping both Saturday and Sunday, so I spent yesterday feeling like I’d been splattered by a bus and had to go to college on top of that. I actually find that I enjoy college work; I’m learning lots of new things, I get to experiment with new tools and it’s all linked to stuff I have an interest in. If there’s only one thing I find wrong with it, it’s the work environment…

I’m not going to say that no-one in my class does any work; there are some good students that make the most of their time, and everyone has their own talents and specialisations that allow them to turn out fantastic stuff. What I don’t have patience for are the ones who never pay attention, the ones who repeatedly fall asleep during the lesson, or the ones who insult and disrespect the lecturer when they leave the room. Surely if someone comes to an animation college and wants to learn about the field that could be their future career, they would want to put in the effort. Every time I look over and see one of these people holding up the class and slowing down the lesson because they can’t be bothered to stay focused, it really pisses me off. Granted, this is not my problem (I feel for our lecturer though, she gets just as pissed), but the negative attitude makes for a poor work environment, which is a shame because I tend to get more work done when I’m at college and not distracted by my bed like when I’m at home. There are some days when I pray to Leeroy Jethro Gibbs, the patron saint of head-slapping, for the chance to smack some people upside the head and tell them to get back in the game; we have been given the chance to learn some amazing things, why waste it? Unfortunately, we’re dealing with college students here, andĀ naturally the opinions of other people don’t matter, so all I can do is keep my head down and my mouth shut, and try to do my best with what I have. I don’t care how hypocritical I sound (being a college student and prone to the occasional bout of laziness), I was given an opportunity and I want to make the most of it.

Okay, angry rant over, I just needed that off my chest. I’m going to go back to watching Avatar: The Last Airbender;Ā I’ve been rewatching the whole series while I work at home and I’m nearly done with season 2. I have yet to find another modern cartoon that can compare with this kind of storytelling, the emotional connections one can make with these characters is so powerful. Have a good night everybody.

Ciao for now.