Webcomic of the Week – CASSIOPEIA QUINN

wotwcardHey everypeoples, it’s Wednesday and time for a new webcomic! While I normally like to binge on long-runners, I’m going to mix it up a bit with a comic that hasn’t been around too long, but is too darn entertaining not to talk about.

This week’s choice is Cassiopeia Quinn, written by Gunwild and drawn by Psudonym, members of the Hiveworks network. It follows the adventures of the titular character, a flighty thief with a heart of gold as she travels the intergalactic spaceways with her robotic cowboy companion Zeke in search of the next big score. But relentlessly pursuing the daring space pirate duo is Captain Madison Vrax of the Prime Galactic Navy, a young blue-skinned officer with a head for order who often ends up the victim of a humiliating defeat. This does nothing to deter Vrax, who considers capturing Peia and bringing her to justice a point of personal pride as well as her duty.

No matter what goes on in Cassiopeia Quinn, there is something on every page that will make you react anywhere between a smile and an outright laugh, whether it’s a funny punchline, a ludicrous plan gone horribly right, or even just a tiny quirk in the art. The characters are incredibly endearing, especially Ms. Quinn herself; Peia enjoys her work for the adventures it brings, and she generally goes about enjoying it with no pants. Rather than outright sexualizing this particular trait, (although it is known to happen) Peia’s hatred of pants is often played for laughs and establishes her carefree attitude in stark contrast to Vrax’s strict, law-abiding code. Vrax sees Peia not just as an outlaw to be hunted, but also as someone she’d want to put in prison for being really, really, REALLY inappropriate and annoying. Though it’s hard to argue with that logic when someone escapes you by piloting an alien spacecraft with her butt…

Cassiopeia Quinn is a webcomic I appreciate when I need a pick-me-up; whether I read through the hilarity of the story, or just check out the gorgeous artwork, I always enjoy myself. The comic recently celebrated its one year anniversary, meaning the archives aren’t too extensive, so take the afternoon off and be entertained.

That’s all for this week, go check out Cassiopeia Quinn and show some love to the creators, and don’t forget to leave your suggestions for other webcomics in the comments.

Ciao for now.