Daily Drawing – 16/02/08

Woo, art is back! Much drawings, very creative, huzzah!

My daily sketches have been a little embarrassing to show off here, but my new personal project is well underway, so here’s the first official piece of artwork from it:

fire scholarC

I don’t want to give away too many details yet, but there’s going to be quite the variety coming up. Keep an eye out for more official art!

Ciao for now.

Daily sketch – 16/01/14


Was randomly flipping through the Monster Manual this morning, came across the section on genies, which come in elemental flavours. The most badass one, in my opinion is the efreeti, the fire genie. Do not ask one of these guys for a wish; even if they grant it, you’re likely to end up in servitude if they don’t kill you afterwards.