Bottom of the Deck – 16/02/09

botdcardEvening everypeoples, this is coming to you rather late, because this has been one roller-coaster of a week. By that I mean ups and downs.

Up! I got XCOM 2 over the weekend, and I am loving it! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible at strategy games, which is why I prefer those that have turn-based combat, much less stressful, right? Not this one; XCOM 2 makes up for the slower-paced turn structure by throwing enormous piles of fear and loathing at you. Always having been notorious for its challenge, the XCOM series continues strong, this time including endless multitasking, limited resources, surprise challenges and an escalating difficulty curve that you just have to hold on for dear life to keep up with. I am moderating myself though, I only play in the evenings, or else I’d get nothing done during the day.

Down! I recently was contacted out of the blue by someone I’ve actively been doing my best to avoid talking to for years. I was deliberately trying to stay away from awkward situations, but I guess I still had some issues to work through, which came out in the conversation. One thing led to another, heated words were exchanged, and it now seems the bridge has been burned for good. Maybe I could have phrased my words better, maybe the other person could have refrained from trying to guilt trip me (I felt bad enough already), but at the end of the day I was honest and said my piece. Perhaps now I can finally put this to rest with the affirmation that there will be no further contact, once the “what if I’d said…” scenarios stop buzzing in my brain.

Up! I was hired for a commission yesterday! It’s not much, just a couple of pictures, but it’ll net enough of a profit to afford some food for the next week or two, plus I’ll be able to go see Deadpool when that lands this weekend. The subject matter is also right up my alley; doing work one enjoys is always rewarding spiritually as well.

Down, but Up! I won’t have a special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with this year, given my situation, but at least I’ll get to spend it with loved ones. There’s a family picnic happening with relatives all the way from Canada, whom I don’t get to see as often as I’d like, so that’s going to be a good day out.

Steadily Up! My new ongoing project continues to be… ongoing, and I’m keeping a tight schedule on it. So for my daily drawing, here’s another piece of official art:

air scholarC

Down! This blog post has come to an end.

Up! Sleep time.

Ciao for now.

Daily Sketch – 16/01/15


“I don’t play villains. I play very interesting people.” – Alan Rickman

The death of Severus Snape struck a chord with all Harry Potter fans, marking the passing of a complex and multi-faceted character. For his part in bringing that character to life, as well as many other beloved figures on stage and film, Alan Rickman will be remembered forever. RIP.

Daily sketch – 16/01/14


Was randomly flipping through the Monster Manual this morning, came across the section on genies, which come in elemental flavours. The most badass one, in my opinion is the efreeti, the fire genie. Do not ask one of these guys for a wish; even if they grant it, you’re likely to end up in servitude if they don’t kill you afterwards.

Daily Sketch – 16/01/13


I recently started getting back into fantasy novels, most predominately Raymond E. Feist’s Riftwar Saga, and given my recent obsession with Dungeons and Dragons, a few new characters were inevitably going to pop into my head.

This one’s a half-orc girl raised by humans, as a servant/squire in the castle of a minor lord in the middle of who-knows-where. She’s a bit of a scrapper and direct thinker, as half-orcs tend to be, but I’m still fleshing her out. Haven’t even settled on a name yet, you try finding a set of harsh syllables that World of Warcraft didn’t already mash together to form an orc name (her adoptive “family” didn’t give her a human one to avoid becoming too attached. Social stigma and all that sucks…)

Ciao for now.

Daily Sketch(es) – 16/01/12

So, there were a few little creative complications over the past few days, and as such I didn’t upload anything. But, here are the daily sketches since Saturday; better late than never.

sbk024Say what you like about Kylo Ren, I think he’s still one of the better characters to come out of the Star Wars franchise in a while, if for no other reason than the fact that he shows a bit of passion for what he does.


The latest season of RWBY is getting really dark, and I am loving it. Pyrrha Nikos’ character arc started out a slow, but the recent decisions she’s had to face have really fleshed her out.


I’ll admit, I didn’t know much regarding David Bowie apart from his collaborations with Queen, but there’s barely a nerd alive who won’t recognise the Goblin King. RIP.


I’m so happy that Critical Role is back for Season 2, loving the new set and the story is set to pick up again. Highlight of the new episode was Scanlan’s duel with Kaley, the new flute player in his old travelling troupe. We’ll see where that leads, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Bloggery stuff later,

Ciao for now.

Daily Sketch – 16/01/07

skb022In my search to become a knowledgeable tabletop gamer over the holidays, I sought out some of the craziest, funniest, and most epic stories from the RPG scene I could find. Way near the top of the list, and at the very top in terms of humour, was the tale of Old Man Henderson.

I cannot find the words to describe the sheer hilarity and off-the-wall chaos that is Henderson’s story. I recommend you read it for yourself; even those who have no clue how a tabletop game is run will find themselves agape at the story of how one determined gamer created a character that threw a carefully structured mystery story into an all out war against the Elder Gods.

New Year, New Schedule

Hey everypeoples, I am back for 2016! Hope everyone had a great holiday season (if it’s still going for you, know that you are the envy of every freelancer in the world), and that the new year brings only the best.

Now, time for me to start working on my resolutions. The sweltering heat aside, I am motivated to get plenty of things done this year. I know we all are in the first few weeks, but getting into good habits is a way of keeping such things rolling. Primary motivation: more art on the art blog. To this end, I’ll be posting sketches here daily; these will primarily be warm ups for the day, because each of them is going to be followed up by a daily comic page. The pages will be visible on my Patreon account once I have it set up again, which will be as soon as I have a few things to show. Elements of Eve will continue to be freely readable on its site as usual.

So, first round of daily sketches are here (throwing up 3 today to make up for the first couple of days which I was using to settle back in). These will also be visible with descriptions on the sketchbook tab.

Onward and upward, everybody!

Ciao for now.

Sketchbook Saturday – 15/08/22

sketchcardEvening everypeoples, hope your weekend has been off to a good start. Mine was at least halfway productive, and after yesterday it felt really good not to have to get up before the sun did.

As I’m sure you can tell from the above statement, not to mention the lack of Elements of Eve updates this week, I have been utterly swamped with college work that is pulling all of my energy away like a black hole. But fortunately, all the energy I put into my sketchbooks did its job years ago, so that makes these updates relatively painless.

This week’s sketches are from a couple of years ago as part of a talent search contest held by Top Cow Comics. The submissions had to consist of eight pages drawn according to one of their older scripts. I never managed to finish my submission in time, but I still had fun with it; the sketches below are my attempts to nail down the looks of Top Cow’s characters while still keeping an element of my own style.

As always, these sketches will be in the gallery section along with all the previous weeks’ uploads.

Ciao for now.

Sketchbook 013
Sketchbook 013
Sketchbook 014
Sketchbook 014
Sketchbook 015
Sketchbook 015