Site update – Lots of new uploads!

Hey everypeoples, here’s a special Sunday blog post to draw your attention to the newest uploads to the portfolio section of the site, because there are a few of them!

First of all, the 3D Renders gallery has been updated with some new still renders, with proper lighting and staging, as well as a turnaround video of my character Helix, the results of a few months learning and hard work.

Secondly, a new gallery has been added featuring my Storyboarding project from last semester. It’s a sci-fi short based off a five-page comic I did a few years back, go check out how I tell a story with zero dialogue.

Thirdly, there was a certain 24 Hour Comic Day challenge that happened not too long ago, which you’ll probably remember if you know me, because I couldn’t stop banging on about it. It’s been a couple of weeks since then, and I finally had a moment to get the whole thing scanned, so here is my effort for this yeara little superhero tale that I made up on the fly. (If it’s a bit hard to see in the gallery, no worries, I’m working on it)

Last but not least, I’ve also added a gallery for my Drawlloween/Inktober challenge drawings that I previously only uploaded on Twitter. Now they’re all in one convenient place, and I’ll be adding more to it as the month goes on.

So that’s me, getting stuff done and showing it off, please look impressed.

Ciao for now!

Bottom of the Deck – 15/07/28

botdcardTuesday night and time for me to ramble about stuff; two weeks in a row, let’s see how long this pattern lasts…

So this week sees a new challenge opening up artistically: 3D rigging. I spent two or three months building a 3D model in class and attempting to make it look good (mostly successfully, I might add), and now I get to give it a skeleton. The process is so much more complex than I first imagined, and yet surprisingly logical; the model is controlled by joints, which are controlled by clusters, which are controlled by… controls, appropriately. It’s just a matter of linking everything up so that they work in tandem, which is going to be the tedious part, but I’m looking forward to it. Tedious work, if handled with the right attitude, can make a day just fly; I’m going to get flashbacks of building Lego Technic sets…

I’ve also got a huge pile of storyboard work for the end of term, which is alright by me because it’s something I know I can do, and since it’s based on a script I wrote myself I have a lot more creative flexibility. That said, I still have to board that script in particular, while another idea I had is nagging to be done instead. I blame the guest speaker we had at college yesterday; Sam Wilson is a writer for local TV shows, both live and animated, and he gave us an awesome talk on storytelling. It was the kind of speech that makes you want to dive into your own projects and get them done in an afternoon because they’re just so attainable and now you know you can do it… and then you burn out after a few hours when realise just how much work there still is. But it’s the good kind of burnout, the kind that comes from producing something you love. I’ll be sure to upload some of my boards in a few weeks once I’ve made decent progress.

Rounding off with something mostly geeky, the fourth episode of Life is Strange has just been released; for those who don’t know, it’s a story-based adventure game about a girl who can rewind time, with a wide array of story choices for the player to make that directly affect the final outcome. I haven’t played it myself (because I’m far too busy and too cheap), but I’ve been watching Let’s Plays of it on YouTube, and the story is equal parts gripping and convoluted. The characters are tragic, the drama is high and the ability to reverse your decisions with time-travel will always leave you wondering if you made the right choice or not. The third episode ended on a massive cliffhanger and it’s been months since it came out, so I’m really keen to see exactly what the consequences of the players’ choices are. I am a sucker for time travel plots and temporal paradoxes, because if they’re well written they can knock you for a loop when you least expect it and you’ll be begging for more.

That’s it for this Bottom of the Deck, but be sure to stop by tomorrow for my Webcomic of the Week.

Ciao for now.