Webcomic of the Week – WEREGEEK

wotwcardHey everypeoples, and welcome to my Webcomic of the Week, where I discover a new (new for me anyway) online comic, binge through the archive, and review it for no good reason!

Well, that’s not technically true, I just like talking about my favourite webcomics and hopefully convincing others to read them. You will never see a negative review here; I’m not here to rip on anyone, because independent creators tend to deal with enough negativity already and that’s not what I’m about. If I don’t like a webcomic, I won’t talk about it, simple as that.

This week’s webcomic is one I discovered while on vacation: Weregeek, by Alina Pete. It follows the story of Mark, an average guy who is, deep down, a massive geek. He denies it to others and himself, dismissing activities like gaming and role-playing as silly. But at night, when the moon is full and the urge overtakes him, he unconsciously gives in to his inner geek and stalks the gaming store in search of d20s and rulebooks. This quickly puts him on the radar of the mysterious Hunter, a black-garbed, stubble-chinned desperado who tracks down and eliminates geeks lest they infect the world with their weirdness. With the Hunter on his trail, Mark narrowly escapes thanks to Joel, an out and proud geek who introduces Mark to his gaming compatriots, Sarah, Dustin and Abbie. Thanks to the group, Mark is introduced to a whole new world of geekiness, primarily LARPs (that’s Live Action Role Play, for anyone also in denial of their inner geek), a wide variety of tabletop games, and the workings of nerd culture in general. While a little overwhelmed at first, Mark grows to love his new hobbies, all the while keeping them a secret from the world at large, reveling in his dual nature as a Weregeek!

What sets Weregeek apart from other geeky comics, in my opinion, is that it doesn’t try to conform to any specific niche. Covering everything from games like Vampire: The Masquerade and Dungeons and Dragons, to commentary on cult movies and comic books, there is something for everyone here. The main cast are all quirky and fun to read, and have a diverse range of character beyond the simple label of “geek”. They take part in grand tales of adventure and intrigue in their gaming personas, while still being a very real group of friends who help each other with their real world issues. Weregeek has been running since 2006, so the archive is huge; I’d tell you to pace yourself when reading it, but then I binged through it in two days straight, and I don’t want to be called a hypocrite.

I’d like to finish off with a bit of fan art I did of my favourite character from the comic: Abbie, depicted here in her vampire persona “Talon”. (Also my first outing into Manga Studio 5, woo!)AbbyTalonThat’s all for this week, go read Weregeek right here, and if you know of any webcomics that have a decent archive that’s worth trawling through, let me know in the comments and I may feature them in a future column.

Ciao for now.